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how remove tattoo ?

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  • how remove tattoo ?

    Plz help the noobi i am, how remove a tattoo i don't like ?

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    You can't remove it, but you can overwrite it. Just draw it again using henna. You get a more powerful version with randomised stat types for bonus and penalty.


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      Thx for your answr AdaJames, same if i'm upset now, i want to remove all that scrap


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        As many have said in other threads about the tattoo system, the best way to get the most out of it is to keep cleansing till the minus part is all charisma. This is of course because charisma now adays has no usefulness. The reason being is that troops cant even last one round in majority of PVP events and in PVE their damage is negligible for the cost that it takes to get their damage up.


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          I was going to say laser removes tattoos at your local clinic. But, we're not talking about those tattoos, eh? Anyways, it's what others have said, you can't remove it but you can overwrite it (aka refine is the better term) that will have new stats with certain penalties.
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