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Check-in against devotion

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    Locks up your computer for a long time, though. I have other things to do on the comp than watch the astrals slowly accumulate.


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      Originally posted by AdaJames View Post
      The Dev list has some utility in that they mark out stuff you haven't done (e.g., card and wheel of fate, which I tend to forget).

      To a VIP, the checkin page has zero utility.

      Now, YOU might not care about spenders, but R2 does. It is their income stream, after all. From YOUR point of view, pandering to spenders is a bad thing because YOU don't get in on the action. From R2's point of view, pandering to the spenders is the right way to go because YOU don't give them anything.

      In this case, from a business point of view, R2 is correct. There MUST be a reason for paying them money, and convenience is just about the only legitimate reason why you would pay an online game company money, even if the convenience is as small as this.

      As I have said before, pillory R2 all you want. I'd probably join you. But let it be for a real reason. In this case, it is not justified pillorying R2 as what they did DOES make sense. However, the question is: Did they actually think that way and therefore implemented it the way they have, or was it just careless coincidence and a happy accident?
      I understand where you are coming from when it comes to VIP, however, the game isn't faring too well that people are either going to stop their VIP status or just don't want to spend on a game that is broken. Yes, I have the means to get VIP, but why would I want to do that on something that is overall broken, the rewards are skimped at whim, and the major bugs/lags aren't fixed. However, I enjoy the game because of the friends I keep. I cannot say it's mundane because there is always something to do to keep occupied at times.
      But as for the box programming, the devotion has a link along with a goal (your current devotion/devotion you need to get) right on the cool down list. VIP or not, I would use that as a guide, and if I need to see what needs to be done, I would just click on that link, thus making it redundant to have it when you log in, instead of the check in. But maybe it's something sinister and we might see another link removed from the cool down box as does the Sylph/Solo Arena ones (and man, do I hate having to walk in Cloud City to each one just to see how much time I have left before starting another battle).
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        They should just make check in automatic for everyone. Removing the check-in screen on load up is an insult to free players. Devotion?! Really? Or combine the two pages, if you must. Or here's an idea; with the millions of useless pop up menus, why not have a check in reminder pop up?