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Changing verified e-mail

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  • Changing verified e-mail

    Hi there.

    R2 says i cant change my e-mail i use to login my toon when it was alredy verified.
    Here's my problem, i lost access to that e-mail acc (forgot password to it, no option to recover password or change it).
    Now after so many things going around, i just wanna be sure i can recover my toon, its password, or even reply to support when i fill a ticket (support answers to mail connected to acc).

    Ofc i didn't use dupe bug (my toon don't have even treasure inv unlocked yet, no need), but even simple vip recharge problems can end with password reset (then link with resetting password is send to e-mail box).

    Maybe there is some option i can connect my r2 acc to facebook acc, or Google ID?

    As a proof i am owner of toon and acc i can ofc send few sshots with recharge details to support (used skrill acc for recharging).

    PS. Sorry for typos and mistakes, English isn't my native language.

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      As far as I know, once your account is bound (with a verified email) you can't change it to a different way of logging in.
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