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Wartune Santa's Jolly Pack

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  • Wartune Santa's Jolly Pack

    On December 25 I received same code like 2 days before. The code is useless.

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    i got 7 codes all invalid r2 donot honor their reward codes it seems


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      Originally posted by Xharry005x View Post
      i got 7 codes all invalid r2 donot honor their reward codes it seems
      Sadly, I believe this event may have been for R2 servers only and not the other platforms we encounter. If you were trying to use them on Kabam, Kong or Armor that may be why they were all invalid, however if you were attempting to use them on R2 could you please let us know?

      greieras, as for obtaining two of the exact same code, that's a first for me, but I will poke and see if I can find out anything.
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        Santa Jolly packs are limited to one per account. This would be the reason as to you received duplicate codes.
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