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Ice Spirit Fury advice

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  • Ice Spirit Fury advice


    At this moment, I have the Ice Spirit Fury (+18). I have been upgrading other items instead of this one. At this moment, I can upgrade it up to the +30 enchantment spirit fury

    However, I am close to all the materials to upgrade it to Supreme Spirit Fury

    My doubt is: to upgrade it to the next step, does it need to be fully enchanted? Because if it does not require to be fully enchanted, I can save tons of gold if I wait and upgrade it to Supreme (going through the needed steps, but without enchanting) instead of upgrade/enchant, upgrade/enchant all the time

    To sum up: can I upgrade to Supreme without having to enchant all the previous Ice Spirit Fury?

    Thanks a lot

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    Yes. You need full enchant AND 2-10 Holy Cast.

    It actually tells you in the blacksmith.