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Epic treasure map

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  • Epic treasure map

    Hi, I have an idea. Why don't you guys make something with the treasure maps to let all be in one, like you do with the rest of items (insignas, stones, soul crystals...)? That would be awsome!!
    Shh... :*

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    Unlikely to ever happen and would absolutely hate it if they did. Each individual map points to a different location so having them stack in your inventory is a bad idea. I usually get serveral maps at once and look to see where the exploration spot is to plan out my route for using them to minimize my running around. If they did it like you suggest, then you'd have to open the top one in the stack, run to the location (or pay balens to open it right there) and then kill the mob before you could even open the next map. I'd rather they allowed maps to be placed in the treasure inventory before they ever make them stackable.


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      Oh, I see. Didn't knew that because my level is still low and i've got some maps. Thank you for telling me and for your time also.
      Shh... :*