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Someone must stop these madmen

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  • Someone must stop these madmen

    This topic is adressed primarily to R2Games, maybe one of their mods read it.

    I know well you are only publishing the game, can't modify or control anything there, and you just forward down support tickets. Still. Someone MUST stop these madmen who are in control of making events and patches over there in China. You MUST have some way to communicate with them. The game is now completely out of control. I don't mean here the bugs, the lag, the nerfs, the crazy way the gem exploit was handled. Now we are talking about the "5th plague", event mishandling.

    Mount refine events awarding nothing but mount hoof which no one needs.
    Holy forge events awarding 10 chest in total? And vulcan packs which (almost) no one need.
    Your big spender events awarding chests expired a month ago, lol, they can't even do the stuff right which earns them money!
    Clothing events requiring the investment of 5x more resources than you award.
    Divinity soul event made impossible by increasing minimum gem level from 3 to 5.
    Soul engrave event without option to sell/exchange soul seals for the 99,9% of the playerbase who already maxed these out.
    Gem event once per day (did any one of you made the math to make one level 11 gem for someone from a newer server??)
    And the list goes on.

    The only explanation is, whoever is coding / adding events right now, has one purpose, to kill the game. maybe the boss hurt him, and this is how he wants to do revenge, I dont know. But you must make clear 7road to FIRE whoever makes events right now, and either hire the person who did it previously, or hire me. I could do it 10 times better.
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    This game is just a monument of incompetence. Every time something is added/fixed/reworked at least 2 other things malfunction. So many things without anything in common with the game or storyline (lol, there was such at start) have been added just to take your dollars that has come to a point of no return, game wont ever be functional again. But thats something most have seen comming more than an year now...