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request, change welcome screen back to check-in

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  • request, change welcome screen back to check-in

    Since the day you changed welcome screen from check-in to devotion I haven't done any check-ins and I completely forgot about them....

    Am I the only one ? ^^

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    Request accepted. And request crumbled in a ball in mid air towards a trash can


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      He shoots! He scores! Woohoo!!!


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        No, you're not the only one, mate. Seems like the babies out there and R2 both think that the devotion is the most important (to them) as well as a redundant (the way I see it since it has a status right on the cool down section that players can click on -- oh whoop-dee-doo, it shows the list -- to see what they are missing) feature to show up first on a log in.
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