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just joined to tell some losers here i mean must of ppls:)

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  • just joined to tell some losers here i mean must of ppls:)

    hi so im here to tell if u spend money to be better than someone so u should know that u never be and never been better than real player that play without spend money on anything i must be noob to tell that im stronger than ppls who dont spend real money for me i am loser if i will spend and from my playing this game i spend thousands of money for it and i can say from my experiance that i really can tell that im noob like must ppls who pay here i have lot of money so i just tested what difference beetwen real player vs casher and sadly even if u spend just 50$ its great advantage :/ and if we talk about thousands u will 2-3hit ppl with same lvl while that ppl will do nothing to u :/ sadly i wish peoples will learn to be players not cashers who will talk Cupcakes like that: i have work so i need to pay ... work?? so u have slave work if im right if u dont have time to play at last 2-3h in day sadly but true and many real players will tell that im right its not about time its about will to play not to pay like no skillers do ok enjoy read that book and i wish many peoples will let die r2games finnaly cause they earned alot more money than even world of warcraft and many other games in alot lower time its highest pay to win game even pay to play cause without pay its like demo version sadly good game but destroyed by spending cash to be (player??)... soon b&s come so many p2w games will die i wish it for new year to this hf all
    Last edited by EsmeWeatherwax; 01-01-2016, 08:29 AM. Reason: I'm here to tell 'u' swearing is not allowed.

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    "thousands of money"...
    and b&s post, here? Man, with so hard viral adverising and shoving this name literally everywhere I look, I'm sure now it'll be massive failure, mby mmorpg disapointment of century. Mby not as p2w as wt (is that even possible to go further?). It's asian game, I've never seen asian mmo w/o p2w.


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      you should find another game!


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        Click image for larger version

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        at least put some effort on your trolling, son.
        Originally posted by Wraithraiser
        Welcome to R2 forums. Where quality is nonexistent and quantity is only measured in the number of whines a single day can produce.


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          Ok, I don't have a problem if you are not fluent in English (as many are not), but I am sure in whatever country you are in they must have taught you how to use punctuation when making a statement.
          Vicious! Approach with Caution!
          Because some noob has called me such and had said it so
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            Ok, now ya can breath..
            And if ya tell us casher's not stronger, then pls explain the cashers that no "deadly" ppl not even scratch in pvp.
            If ya not play now, I tell ya there's a few cashers around no cashers not wanna fight at all.
            Wierd ha' ?


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              xDDD all it seems all cashers answer here like told^^ and tell how someone speak not they own language and cant understand that "fail English" that mean that someone dont use brain to understand fail typing i saw many who speak fail cause ofc no one speak good not they own language and im not Cupcakes kid to tell how someone speak and anyway if someone tell truth always noob answer like that so enjoy and for that kids who always been beat when it been kid and in school ofc and now i tell this to u no brain losers go spend more money to be more **** ppl without skill easy to spend hard to get skill by spending simple and logic that u just buy skill and to all of u losers i tell that "lusers goł buj mor moni to get skyll xDDDDD"

              and JanneNico i wanna tell that u tell true but i tell that cashers is always known as no skillers that why for me they are weak just equip strong to kill us and other for what they payed for but for me i will always respect more lvl 20 who dont spend single $ than lvl 80 with great equipment simple and logic enjoy cashers u always been known by noobs from real ppls hf^^
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                Originally posted by R22986668 View Post
                you should find another game!
                or the . button at the very least


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                  Thank you for sharing


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                    Cant wait to see all those cashers in bns QQing how unfair is the system there I will feed from your tears then :P (but I guess cashers wount be interested in playing a game where even casual gamers will beat the **** out of them )

                    PS: Whoever said this game (wartune) requires skill, I will advice him/her to try a real game instead

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                      Wartune and skills doesn't go together. When someone can afk beat someone cause he has cashed more but played equal time, the game requires no skills what so ever.


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                        the best