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    Let's start this off by saying; I've been playing this game since the server S347-Felwind was born, and I decided to reach level 35 for the battleground fights, and remain at that level. It wasn't hard, considering that most monsters gave little exp and I did lower level monster hunts that gave 0 exp. Arena also didn't give exp, which meant I could even fight there in a 1 on 1 duel. All I did was capture astrals, plant crops, do low level mp runs and solo dungeons, and also the crypt till around level 28, at which point it started giving me exp. I enchanted my gems and took part in bg as well.

    But time passed, and the introduction of world prosperity was sure to put my static level in trouble. I could handle 7 exp being given to me with every lvl 20 monster killed though, and it wasn't really that much of a deal, until arena started giving tons of exp. Thus, I had to retire from arena, negatively impacting my income. I thought it wouldn't get any worse, but all world prosperity did was increase more and more. Not only this, it was around this time that rested exp was introduced. Damn it wartune, really? So now, not only did I get 400 exp from a level 20 monster, but I also get 1000 from rested exp? And I can't play in arena.

    I turned level 36 shortly after that, and then went offline for a large period of time(offline as in just logging in once every two weeks to capture some astrals and check out hot events and any compensation rewards). Yea, the sight that greeted me back was not pretty. 8,000 exp from level 20 monsters AND 6,000 exp from rested exp just doesn't cut it anymore. Do you think I can run circuit quests when they send me into the solo missions? Like, I'm now level 37(94%), very close to 38.

    What I'm trying to say through this lengthy and perhaps boring post, but one most players can relate with, is you don't have to force us to level. Some people like to take things slow and establish a lot of wealth and strength, some people like to climb lots of levels quickly. So, please, do me, us a favour and cut back on the XP rewards. Rested exp is plain unnecessary, and world prosperity is also stupid, imo if the world is prosperous, it should give us balens for free jk jk.

    Have a nice day
    Oh and,
    Happy Christmas
    Happy New Years

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    Dear R227786062,

    Your opinion sucks, and you don't matter in this game.
    Nobody will miss you when you quit.



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      You're already barely playing the game, why not give up circuit quests too? And honestly, if you're still level 37 at this point, I'm not entirely sure why you would even want to play Wartune at all. You're never going to catch up in pvp, and there's almost no reason to hold back on leveling for pve purposes. Maybe you can still do BG, beating up brand new players for your amusement, but you'll never get very far trying to build "wealth and strength" at such a low level. You'll gain far more of each at higher levels.

      And most importantly: campers don't cash or drive others to cash, therefore Wartune hates campers. You'll never get them to consider your request.