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Tanks SUCK!

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  • Tanks SUCK!

    I can't believe you got rid of Goodie Link, which my wife & I loved, and kept the stupid tank trials. Not only that, but you made it mandatory for class advancement.

    First of all, this is a medieval fantasy game. Tanks have NO place in it.

    Second, the combat is long, dull, and stupid, and players have absolutely NO control over who they wind up fighting with (or against). As a result, my wife & I, both trying to do class advancement, wound up fighting each other. I've wound up fighting my wife, friends, and guild mates, NONE of who I want to fight, and in a competition that I can't stand to begin with! Whoever came up with this aspect of the game should be fired.

    Tanks SUCK!

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    Tanks does suck. That's a major reason why I have multiple alts, so I can make sure I can get a fast win without having to slug it out interminably with someone else. If you leave early, the other side gets the win and you can try again, so it's not too hard to get the wins you need for class advancement. It is courteous to let everyone get a kill before you leave, though.


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      While it's random, there had been times where the fights go well in my favor or my guildmates. It's all in the timing and coordination. I sometimes do tanks, but never stress with it. However, one can always gamble with a few possibilities and hope it will fall in their favor.

      And yes, I missed Goodies Link as it was my source of getting scrolls to skip Asima's Circuit Quests.......... now where the hell can I get them?
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        i would like a new tank my pred has worn out and been dented many times in battle

        why cant we ave the new tanks thats was introduced years ago in china version