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Arena matching unfair !!!

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  • Arena matching unfair !!!

    Arena matching ITS NOT FAIR..the question is..why u change everything? i think this game just for level 70-80 only..we want the fair game like before..please give back fair game like before..thank u...

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    It shouldn't be called matching. Mismatching would be more appropriate.
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      make no mistake, being oneshotted don't change at 70's. Neither it does as soon as you hit 80's.


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        Remember that there were a lot that complained before that the game was unfair(mostly people that rush to 80 and got killed 15 times per day). Now you get punished for not rushing. I bet if you complain enough, it will punish small cashers the most as they will be matched with the medium/whale casher

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          Sure. If no cashers leave the game, the small cashers will be next to be punished. Then medium cashers and so on.

          Going back to original post. Current matching is completly unacceptable for me. I don't know what is current matching algorithm, but it seems that lvl 80 are matched against lower levels. I entered arena about 40 times recently and lost 40/40 usually against orange sylphs so level 70 or higher. Previously, in version 4.5 of game I used to win half of arenas because matching was according to level. Now, it seems that level 80 players are matched with lower levels. Fights are quicker, very quick.
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            Yeah I really don't know how the matching works but it's horrible. As a level 80 character I either get matched against low level characters who I can one shot or other 80s that extremely overpower me or a group of level 80s that's just overkill against me. It just seems like there's no algorithm to matching. Like it just matches you with another player or players waiting to be matched.


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              Only about 5% of the time, I would get an evenly matched team to battle. The other 95% is through losing the whale fights or getting the easy victories from newer servers. I mean, how is the matching even made?
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