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Any news of next Wartune game update?

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  • Any news of next Wartune game update?

    Will there be another game update that will fix the game for good?
    Past few updates only nerfed minigames (cloud adventures, jewel hunt) system and rewards,
    drastically changed rewards in sylph atoll boss, sylph expedition, ToK with eudaemon tussle.
    Screwed matching for team arena, while sylph arena matching still remains random.
    And finally, all synthesis events upgraded to lv5 requirement, leaving players more stranded than ever...
    So what next to expect? :/

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    Originally posted by Imonseph View Post
    Will there be another game update that will fix the game for good?
    Lol you're funny.


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      Couple of good changes:
      - treasure inventory was very helpful
      - guild beast now eliminated the ranking system and encourages teamwork to defeat boss as a guild,
      yielding same amount of fang of fear across all participated guild members
      - 10 day check-in finally yield a gd amount of bound balens, so long you remember to check-in everytime
      - guild blessing wheel finally sped up in each click (could've also been done for blessing wheel)
      - useful items like fashion core and roses in fixed rewards for completing devotion

      Hope that these things could also be changed in due time:
      An option to sacrifice eudaemons to yield a fixed amount of blood of zeus and skill books /
      Converting eudaemons using bound balens
      Lv 1 divinity soul chest changed to Lv 2 divinity soul chest in Sylph expedition rewards
      Reverting arena matching system, minigames and synthesis events back to their former glory
      Reducing Lag - leave eudaemons out of party / team battles


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        Would be a dream come true if that happens.

        I am bracing for impact after purchasing my treasure inventory across the board; so far, nothing lost or banned. While the guild beast had eliminated the ranking system, there is something underlying that allows folks to get the title for "first place victories" which I will have to replicate with a side guild just to see; 300 fang of fear is really good than less than 100 before. 10-day check in is good as well, just hope they can re-prioritize the log-in box to reflect check-ins as first since it's redundant in having devotions first when there is a status present in the cool down section along with present devotion/next devotion that players can click on to see what they need in order to go to the next step. I wasn't a fan of the blessing wheel as it was slow to the point I would hit the deck (or my screen) from falling asleep from the boredom; however, when I tried it a few days back, it brings me back to Underground Palace and lightning bolts. I haven't reached that final devotion, and with the requirements (and nerfed changes like 15/15 arena fights for example), I might just do the first two and veg out (I am also renovating my home so I am mostly AFK).

        However, the best thing I would like to see happen/fixed are the performance problems associated with this game. No one in their right mind is going to tell me that I cannot do other things (like downloads) while playing this game on a 60 MBPs connection. Tell me that when I play on dialup.
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          Nothing will ever "fix" the game, but there are "whispers" of the new upcoming 5.5 update. The massively revamped 2-3x larger cloud city among other things, I wouldn't really expect it for a couple months at least though.


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            If next patch isn't just a patch with fixes, I will be greatly disepointed(I know, won't happen).

            Next patch I suppose will add the new "class", maybe cloud city revamped... So basicly, anyone asking for a new patch is asking for more lag, more bugs, new exploits, innocent people getting banned... Oh but there's some good news, new stuff to spend money on! wait... that's just good for r2...


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              would be more the Sub-Class patch,

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                err...another patch before the mess from this one is even half cleaned? no no plz no new patch now plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!! *runs*


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                  well new cloud city would be very nice addition maybe less lag in city

                  would love the sub class to come out an additoon which could be very usefull

                  i wanna see new tank design in tank trials predator kinda battered and dented now lol

                  revamp the csgb into a kinda new version 32 guilds split into 4 teams in a group in prems play each other twice and then top 2 guilds reaching finals from each group guilds thats knocked out can use their rewards to bet on the outcome of matches to gain more rewards winners of the east and west coast and europe and oceanic play each other in a champion of champions to see who the best is

                  steel wars revamped getting 50 points for rewards is kinda lame why not scrap the points into a shop style system


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                    *vomits* kabam servers all down at around 3am EDT, despite that maintenance should happen at 4am EDT. R2 servers were fine. just kabam servers being down. good job ruining my alt's runs on there. i just hope this maint. is only for steel wars & nothing else. i have enough of this patch flood already.


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                      Originally posted by Wraithraiser View Post
                      Nothing will ever "fix" the game, but there are "whispers" of the new upcoming 5.5 update. The massively revamped 2-3x larger cloud city among other things, I wouldn't really expect it for a couple months at least though.
                      That sounds like a recipe for lag and even more blackscreens in CC...


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                        Originally posted by AdaJames View Post
                        That sounds like a recipe for lag and even more blackscreens in CC...
                        at moment cloud city is small alot of ppl cramped into small area causes lag bigger cloud city less lag as its 4x bigger


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                          VIP needs a lot more improvement, This is what I would like to see in the new patch for those of us who pay for VIP subscriptions.

                          1.Different mount-Panda was cute back in the day (at least 2 years old now) but not so cute anymore.
                          2 Unlimited Farm Experience-or at the very least-give VIP levels more farm experience-Say something like VIP level 1 gets 300 farm exp, level 2 gets 400 farm experience and so on, for each level of VIP add 100 more farm exp to each level-not that hard to do.
                          3.Return the daily VIP tokens for reaching a certain devotional point-or at least add 30 VIP tokens to the 115 devotional rewards-that might get some to at least consider becoming a VIP.
                          4.Return the VIP chest that were in the Multi-Player dungeons.
                          5.More mounting stations for VIP in our farms-so we can showcase more then 7 or 8 (I can't remember how many there are now-lol)

                          That's all I can think of for now-oh hell its 5:35 in the damn morning-I need to sleep.
                          Thank you


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                            bigger cloud city in no way would reduce lag, since everybody would be crammed at sylph arena, hero's gate, arena exactly like it is now. Spread out multiple acces points to those activities might help. And what I'm really worried about is scroll gear enchanting, supposedly you'll be able to enchant your gear for additional values of huge caliber (100k hp huge), if it'll be implemented for ub balens only... Yup, I don't think I'll be only one who'll lose it.
                            As for more vip bonuses... It's obvious that sleep deprivation damaged your thinking ability. Why not +100% dmg increase vs non-vip. Or +300 mount for being vip, with title ofc. And why not gaining honor on DEFEAT in bg when you're vip 10 (i know, they'd have to add new tier) while we're at this? What else you could wish for vips... Hell yea, unlimited mpd attempts, dialy lv 9 gem. And why not remove plunder gold amount cap? Cause why the cupcakes no.
                            untill auto-Astral catcher is released to free player base (yea, right), and with existing honor loss in bg vip is forced enough on players already. They gouge players with this artificialy induced lag in astro. You know how long takes to spend 20mil in astro? almost 1h. And I'm shameless macro user, it'd take even longer when done full legit manually (macro don't interfere with game code, no reason to ban me).
                            Don't take me wrong, I get it, really big and well grown people get very little from vip benefits, but r2's strategy isn't to sell them sth cool. They already got them. Even if they cancel their vip's they'll still spend on boxes, events, merges etc. It's all about making not having vip very uncomfortable.
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                              Would be fun if freeswag got banned just for the hell of it. (Tos states using bot/script(macro falls under one of those right?) is against the rules, but never seen anyone banned for it)

                              I never understood the reason for cloud city for a few reasons:

                              1. We always hide people, cause in wartune hide doesn't spike, it builds up.
                              2. We have nothing to do in cc, except for the stuff we could do before cc basicly(except for the new content, which could have been added without the need of cc)
                              3. No interaction.

                              Only time I liked CC was when they had the snow piles, not cause I did 100 a day, but cause it had a use. Some downtime, and you collect stuff. If they added like battle in cc, would be awesome, 5 att, same rules as BG or something. Also would result in drama, and a game like wartune NEEDS drama. Right now the highlight of drama is like "You invaded my dimension!". So if there's an update I really feel is needed, it's an update that adds more drama. Remove cap from plundering gold, and holding gold, and make the sell price of all items 90% of original price or something(so people can't hide gold without sacrificing gold).

                              These games are fun cause of over emotional people! so give us more ways to make people angry