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Hot Event: Sylph Upgrade vs Sylph Enchant

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  • Hot Event: Sylph Upgrade vs Sylph Enchant

    Not sure if this has been brought up before but am kinda sick of how lazy R2 can be. Current Hot event '1/9 sylph enchant 1' has been done user friendly so to speak. U just need to type in the number of rewards ur eligible for. So for example if I use 1k sepulcrum I need to type in 50 and thats done. But on the other end u get the '1/7 sylph upgrade 1', which should basically be the same thing except its dealing with mahra. But ofc not, as R2 are too lazy to do that we have to sit and click the bloody thing. So if u use 1k Mahra u need to sit and click 50 times one by one. I pity the guys who upgrade 3k mahra lol 150 singularly boring clicks.
    R2 maybe have some redbull and get this fixed?

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    It used to be the other way around. Upgrade was bulk claim, enchant one by one. They managed to some how switch it.

    It requires a special kind of incompetence to do that.


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      My question is why cant we have the same procedure on both? Why waste time clicking when we can have some fun with the game? Boring as hell


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        Why wait 20 years for the blessing wheel to stop? Why wait 15 years for guild wheel to stop? Why wait-?

        The answer is: R2 are a bunch of flaming trolls.


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          You do realize that they're fueled by your tears and complaints, right?

          No one knows why they did it, but I'm sure the devs are giggling.
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            wartune is a B-rated game, and barely B-Rated at that


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              why you still playing then?


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                And yet, I am trying to not fire the "racial" cannon when describing the minds of R2. Seems like after every maintenance, they revert a key element back to what it was before it was "fixed". I just wish that those reverts would happen on those good things that are broken as a result to get them back into "fixed" status once again, and not the bad things that were fixed that got them back to square one.
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