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sophisticated orange sylph upgrade/enhance

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  • sophisticated orange sylph upgrade/enhance

    you gms told us that orange sylp can be upgraded /enganced with normal mahra/ spec.. is that right ?
    but here i am after i adv refine my orange sylph ,it dont let use spec!
    you didn't say non sophisticated orange sylph can use normal items for it , u just said orage sylph so ....
    shouldn't u guys warn us about it ?

    any way is it possible to fix this issue and let us upgrade/enhance sophisticated orange sylph with normal mahra/ spec ?
    or is it possible to take the refine back so i can still use normal items ... im sure u know adv items are very rare so that mean my sylph has stopped gaining br and this is realy frustrated , what to do ?

    greeting ,,,,
    they came they were there they didn't hesitat ))

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    well... You should know by now, recharge. recharge a lot.


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      First, you can't use regular mahra on any orange sylph, no matter what type. Orange is the highest level you can reach.

      As for the sepulcrum, yeah, that part is unfortunate, if you didn't max out the stats before you evolved. It's widely known at this point, but as usual, Wartune is terrible at putting vital information actually into the game. I can pretty much guarantee that you won't get them to do anything about it though.


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        The only change to seps they did was for orange sylph seals, Loki/Freya/Tyre. Those you can use normal seps on as they're "no stars" but if you get a sylph with stars, whether it be a purple or orange poseidon/other sylph it uses advance seps.


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          thank you all for answering ....
          looks like i had wrong info and i blame my bad english for that , they were talking about that in guild chat but i get it wrongly
          it's good to know that i didn't do mistake by adv refining my sylph ,and i had spec maxed before i turn it to orange , so im releavd ♥ :*

          and thx for helping
          they came they were there they didn't hesitat ))