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Insigna packs, wings packs and more items into shop

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    Originally posted by AdaJames View Post
    Are you insane or merely being a jerk?

    1. This is stupid. You end up with more crypt tokens and insigs than you know what to do with. I have of 44k of one, 77k of the other. You figure out which one is which. You want R2 to trick newbies into buying stuff they won't need and will regret buying? Why don't you add mount hooves and dragon essences to the list? Hence, option 2 above. I am still trying to decide.

    2. You heard of the Mount shop?

    3. Heard of clothing shard exchange event? They have all but one or two of the titled sets in them.
    I am neither this or that .........
    1- i know for older accounts it is useless , if u fix that myope leasion in ur eyes u would see i said newer accounts , and if u fix that malfunctioning pair of shoes u call a brain of urs, u will know that newer accounts need to get on their feet more quickly or they will be eaten and spit out by older guys , it is not my fault that bg , arena are based on level not battle rating , and if they got the cash and want items , let them have it , it is none of ur business.
    2- i heard of mount shop and not all mounts are there , yet another show of ur narrow mind
    3- yes, heard of exchange event, but there r many sets not in their , i dont care just about title , there is clothing identification too, and these little things combined make difference between first and second in class wars , yes class wars , i know u dont witness that in ur most wild dreams but it is not an urban legend , it is a true event that i happened to win 3 out of 7 participations , how many u have? oh i forgot u never been there .............
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      Actually, if R2 makes a subroutine to actually think that if a person already has an item of the same grade, it should unlock another item not obtained of the same grade when a person synths clothing, and everyone can go home happy. I don't bother with Class Wars, Titan Wars, or even any cross server PVP-based event since it is more like a battle of egos (who spends more than others); of course, throw in the cheats who had exploited but are not caught yet. There is no matching in these events whatsoever. Oh trust me, if they (R2) were to program such events on a tiered system rather than just willy-nilly, we could probably get somewhere. Then you would get your "babies" who would cry that they don't have an opponent; so what, enjoy that free win for the moment until the next round when they matched you up with another; in the end, the top XXX people will be there for the finals to kick each other's butts. Arena, same damn principle. No one is going to tell me that out of so many merged servers, there are not that many opponents to go around (for those matches that are in wait in excess of 60 seconds, I am sure R2 could put in a "tune up" match of dummies so that person don't feel like they were not able to get all 15 in until the next match comes up).

      I just dove in a new account to test out another class, knight (since I am always used to archers and mages), to see what the hype is all about with that class. Yes, I started late (way late) into a server, so I am going to take my licks until I can build that unit up, just like it took me long to build up my other guys to where they are now. Unless you're playing in a new server within a cluster that is nearly brand new (accts with about 600-900k BR as being the top in the region), you're going to be SOL in CW, TW, and whatever else PVP based event that isn't arena, bg, or CSGB until R2 gets their *** in gear and make them worth something. There is no "quick" unless you spend to your heart's content, but I will let you be the judge on that as I won't spend on a game that is broke to hell; I will play just because my friends are playing, biding my time until another game comes up that makes it worthwhile to switch.
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        Originally posted by empire_sun View Post
        I am neither this or that .........
        i dont care just about title
        If you don't care about the title and you still want to talk about increasing BR, then you are just pig ignorant of how the game works. Anyone listening to you will be in for a massive disappointment.