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a suggestion for gb's

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  • a suggestion for gb's

    guild batles are more or less boring after few months on server. after few years on server, with no mergers..well even more so.

    To make em at least a bit more intrestin swap how it is done.

    Chaos wars is fun, laaggy as hell. but still fun. so...

    make gb into chaos format, just in server.

    just ad a 5 min minimum to it so if you aint in ty on lag from the start the batle aint lost on default.
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    Chaos War is stupid in that you don't have time to get organised. You come into the fight area even slightly late and you're already dead before it completes loading.

    To have MORE of such stupidity is dumb. It is bad enough on the ocassions it happens. To have it on a tri-weekly basis is ludicrous.


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      Until they (R2) fix, or put some decent fixes for, the performance problems such as lag, loading, and in my case, nuking my system into meltdown (it forces itself to shut down when so much catastrophic memory is utilized that it locks up) status, then I would be open to any other suggestion to make GB more fun. But, I can't trust them enough with that simple request.
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