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Rate success in chest event

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  • Rate success in chest event

    well.... is funny opened 550 chest event and get only sh it from all chest opened, Thanks you R2game for make every event like a **** when open us chest
    if you make mounts 150+ with no chance to get from event chest.. better back to make mounts 50+ and give us a chance to get it.. you funny id iots .. need be more smart

  • #2
    I think the going rate is now 1 in 10,000 for the mount. I saw it mentioned somewhere, probably one of the fan sites.


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      Well if i am not mistaken the mount right now is at 600$ ? I mean 600....even more expensive for player in europe. The Christmas Bear OKAY "only" about 300 and abit ...but 600 Dollar for a mount thats a little expensive. This one pixel who literally does nothing but adding a few stats to your toon costs more than a brandnew PS4 and Xbox One together. Whos making these incredible prices??? They go like "Oh wow people actually buy the Christmas Bear let's top that price" Next week it's 200 more..."oh wow dudeees dudeees people are actually still buying these mounts lets top that again!" and here we go we are at 1500 - i dont care if this one gives 100 more stats or flys faster or whatever its simply overpriced for a bugged and laggy browser game like this one. At least offer some better services - you should have plenty of money to do that! I am somewhat "okay" with the price for outfits - could be half that price as well. I mean 50 USD for a full outfit + Title sounds legit right? I guess more people would actually buy it. But increasing the weekly price of mounts is just out of this world. Same as these "hot offers" on new Server - more of a scam advertising high prices for some bull items.


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        It is about $20 per +10. Look at the 4 +10 mounts in the shop. 1999 balens each.


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          And, all these virtual items actually cost the devs literally nothing at all.
          Yet there will always be someone willing to pay to them for some graphic editing job...

          Considering the value of the current event chest that gives a **** load of eud materials,
          sometimes it's better to save your resources until one day a really gd event comes along,
          like remember the time a lv7 sylph soul appeared in event chest? Yea that kind,.. but I'll take it that it'll
          be a couple more months to come before such a feedback gets to the devs for better rewards in the lame event chests.


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            i rather buy a xbox or ps4 if i ave no chance on winning a mount from events now r2 only rigs this game to make more money

            i rather give microsoft my money lol or sony


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              That's why I do events that give out 210 total event boxes, when I can of course, and just trade that for the full set. The mount I don't worry on such because I do not spend (was going to but going to hold back now) and already know the chances are very slim for a free player. If people continue to spend, then you're saying it's okay for R2 to head their course and not get any fixes done. Only when you stop en masse (as 1 or 2 won't cut it), they will realize they need to get something done, and I am sure they will make it so it is appealing again to the player.

              PS, half the "junk" that is given out isn't in my spot of tea. I thrive on being a badass, not a fairy, and this game has the latter with these past few events.
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