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Arenas... East Coast

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  • Arenas... East Coast

    Is there a reason why new servers keep running into nothing but 80s in multiplayer arena? You see new East Coast Servers Popping up but never see anyone of your level. Gotta figure if u are camping the low 30s that eventually i would run into newer 30s else where and I dont. So what gives..? is East coast arena bugged or broken. Either way i came from west coast and its random. NOT always 80s. 0-1000+ due to all 80s. how is 1 supposed to get a Prized Fighter title anymore?

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    Your only real option is to team up with a strong-ish level 80 player. Or become that player yourself, but that's expensive.
    Arena matching used to be on different criteria, but for a few months, it's been set up so that teams with level 80 players almost never face each other, and the game just throws newbies into the wood chipper.

    It's stupid, and no one really likes it, and it's grossly unfair to lower level players.


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      the reason is either whoever did the programing for it reads the forums and got butt hurt because everybody telling the truth about poor programing or they are to busy making new items/taking ideas from existing games to fix it or they are sending a message for everybody to quit lol I have not seen them do anything that would say they value the players and want us to stay