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eudaemon skill chests in 5.2

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  • eudaemon skill chests in 5.2

    hey i have a question.
    we all know that after the 5.2 patch the older skill books cannot be used anymore to level up the eudaemon skills. but are the old skill book useless now? what happen to the skill books that are allready in the inventory and are collected for a eudaemon i do not own at the moment? and what happen if i open the old skill chests? will i get the useless skill books or the new?

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    I dont know what happens with the old books but if you open the skill boxes now (doesnt matter old or new) you get the new scrolls.

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      okay thank you. the reasony why i ask is i dont play this wartune i play the german wartune. the first server allready got the patch and the new will get it tommorow. but in this version we get the old scrolls in the chest but we surly cant use them. just wanted to know if its a bug there or not. thank you for your help