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What are mentors jobs

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  • What are mentors jobs

    wen a mentor comes to a server what is their actual job

    is it to sit their and not answer any 1 pm and carry playing with their own toon in their own server

    on our server kabam s26 a few ppl sent pm he shut down his pm and wont answer any 1 is this the way u help ppl these days r2 sending a Wonderful volunteer who's dedication I truly admire, as they help out players with questions, just to post bullhorns on stuff we already know on a 3 year old server

    he posted example

    look in at r2 games forum on news and events

    well being a euro server we get our events midnight

    your forum actual posts them at 01.37 a.m today u.s time as being a g m t server wont this info be better posted way before any 1 gets any events
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    Well as a mentor.... I am there to try and help the players with their issues and questions. I am there to try and help them with their concerns and support ticket issues that may be lost or sometimes need a little poke, or help in securing a ticket number that somehow got eaten one way or another. I am there to report immediate bugs and issues that they find that could have repercussions that are well, really bad. We give the best information that we can, but we must work within a certain set of rules and parameters that are set for us.

    If a mentor is on your server and not doing their job then please report it so that issue can be looked into. it really is important to be reported and addressed and I will let my superiors know about this as well.

    Mentors do not handle event postings on the forums though, so that ones out of our control.
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      well after some pms back and forth i changed the way he does bullhorns as being a 3 year old server and we dont need the same do this do that remember this remember that thing i told this mentor we need the info about the forthcomming patch like the patch details etc wats being added or taken away info thats vital for our server so we can expect before its released

      as u know magik this info is good to know cuz some ppl dont visit forums alot as u know


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        If you would like more information about 'what a mentor does', there is an article here:

        As Magik has stated already, if you have a problem with a mentor, please do submit a ticket with screenshots so that the issue is able to be dealt with accordingly.

        Bullhorns on older servers are more for the purpose of letting players know they are there, just in case they need them. There may be the odd time or two that you receive information you may not had realised had changed, or just plain forgot about. Following on from what Magik has also said, these bullhorns can not post information that is not current information to the server it is posted on; as far as patches go, things can be removed between pre-patch and patch servers.

        All in all, mentors are there to help. If you do not need their help, you're welcome to ignore them. If they ignore you (and you needed their help), as stated already, report them. Thank you
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