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Cross server character

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  • Cross server character

    I suggest that on every server you can use same character or make new on, you get question when you join other server do you want to play with your old character or create new one, yes or no.

    cuz if i want to play on other servers i cant without geting new char -.-

  • #2
    right now i have lv53 knight in s19. if i want to play in s74, can i use my knight there?
    maybe thats what you like to have?


    • #3
      yes, that exactly what i want


      • #4
        Dreams are free, you know.


        • #5
          with that system, this game will be die in no time. why bother create lots of server then?


          • #6
            but whats da problem, if you just choose do you want new or old char whats bad at that lol, you play alot on 1 server then on 2nd you play less, it would be better to play cross server with chosing characters


            • #7
              It's not a good idea, actually. It's too open to abuse. Imagine a top 10 character from one of the first servers being able to go to the newest server available. Now picture that with the new server rewards, battlegrounds, arena, world boss, guild battles, and so on.

              What you'd see happen is people switching servers to collect easy rewards on a new server, and then using those rewards to give their character an undeserved boost for their home server.
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                i want to be bring my level 40 mage to a new server and join a top guild so I can gank everyone in guild battle. But wait there are level 50+s doing the same thing.

                Yeah not going to happen...