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  • Battlegrounds

    battlegrounds is very disadvantageous to players who just turned lvl 40, shouldn't we have some kind of buff or advantage when going into battleground so we don't become easy prey?

  • #2
    Yeah, die a dozen times and get 50% bonus to all stats.


    • #3
      you have lots of advantage at 39, where you're the highest level in low tier bg.
      next tier is 40-80. thats all i know.


      • #4
        yes let's get a boost to all the 30s too then, the 30 just join bg and they still wearing 20s and 25s. they need a bigger boost...
        Have a problem? Submit your Ticket .


        • #5
          no boost needed just create a new battle ground for 50 plus it just isn't fair anymore and is ZERO fun, heck i don't even bother with it anymore just AFK both fights because i'm done feeding cashers
          giving game one last chance :

          guild leader : endangered
          server 164 brighthollow
          class : archer
          current level : 54
          favorite title : Balenor's Number One Guild Master


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            THIS GAME Went from CASH to IF YOU DONT SPEND AT LEAST 100$+ A week This game isnt for you. True stroy look at all the NEW ITEMS THEY BOUGHT OUT FOR CASH players? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM a DEAD game is a DEAD Game


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              lol im only 19th in honor in my realm because im a knight and did not sit on lvl 39 like a bunch of ppl lol....(must be 5 or 6 ppl who have sat on 39 longer then they should have with more honor then me)

              MysterA uhhh 1.3 mil br
              Slyph orange Hecate 136k br