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Henna required for tattoos

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  • Henna required for tattoos

    I ran some numbers on this, and thought I'd share. Normal henna adds between 1 and 10-floor(tattoo bonus / 250) to the plus stat for each attempt. I.e. 1-10 up to 250, 1-9 up to 500, 1-8 up to 750, etc.

    So, given the cap of 2000, if you want to reach that cap with only normal henna, it will take roughly 593 attempts, or over 59,000 henna. Multiply that by 8 tattoo slots, and you need at least 472,000 henna if you want to max all tattoos without any advanced henna.

    Since knighthood requires 8 maxed tattoos to unlock both skill sets (8000 + 4000 + 4000 = 8 * 2000), as a practical matter that's what we need to aim for.

    So, with income of, at most, 385 henna per day, it's over 1200 days of dedicated henna farming.

    Advanced henna changes things dramatically - it starts out worth 6x as much as normal henna, but near the cap it's worth 13.5x as much. So anyone who wants to reach knighthood in a reasonable amount of time will need a bunch of advanced henna, unless the game gives us a major new source of normal henna. Watch for event exchanges that give adv henna, I guess. I don't see any other likely avenues to actually reach that target.

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    Well one mistake is cap's +5000 -2000, not +2000.

    Even 15k adv henna barely gets you halfway towards the "Fury' knighthood path. (which for most will be ideal option due to the offensive capabilities)


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      I probably should have mentioned that only normal henna caps at 2000, you can go up to 5000 with advanced henna. So in addition to increasing faster, you can go far beyond the upper limit, although the drop off in gains is probably just as bad towards the end.

      And yes, you do need a lot of adv henna too, it's still 3600 just to go from 1k to 2k - only 1/10th what you need in normal henna, but still a lot.


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        if you cap to 2k with normal. use adv henna after it once to go over. can you use normal on it again? just curious
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          Originally posted by Gimmikc View Post
          if you cap to 2k with normal. use adv henna after it once to go over. can you use normal on it again? just curious
          From what I saw, once you reach 2k, normal henna will only allow you to change the type, but won't affect the stats. At least not the plus stat, I think the minus stat may still go up or down.