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  • TOK - pets shown on rankings not the pets you fight inside -

    This has been happening now for a long time, and its very frustrating when your trying to avoid the water/wind heal spiral of failure. Once again today in TOK, only one (odin) of the four pets listed in the ranking (thor/odin/odin/thor) were actually equipped...what we ended up getting instead was (freya/odin/odin/odin). Compounding this issue is the inherent slow down of player toons inside TOK...which has been happening for years...the double stacking of sunto by the kids and the mages...and what you end up having is what i referenced earlier...the heal spiral of failure.

    Solution to this is either fix one or more of the above issues, or the rewards have to be increased at least 5-fold to be worth the time and effort for the avg player. I can't even imagine what newer and lesser BR toons do to get daily TOK done.
    It's a very cool event thats been hurt by the advancement of the game that i'm sure most people would like to continue to do it daily, without it being impossible.

    My buddy just reminded me that last week after Titan Wars when we did our TOK, in order to try and do it with some buffs on, one of the equipped pets changed after the 3rd round...went from thor to freya...again making finishing TOK that day a long a tedious journey.

    So hopefully if one issue gets fixed...its the equipped pet snapshoting, that be a huge help.

    Thx you.

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    The sylph shown on ranks are the sylph equipped on kids, ain't that hard to figure out.


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      if that is the case, than thats *** backwards, and doesnt help to determine which TOK to do....thus not solving any of the numerous issues i brought up in my original post.


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        The Sylphs we fight in TOK are the ones equipped by the player in the ranking at reset time, not the ones in the Sylph ranking.

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          well me and my team do tok nm and we can pass it just stun the fools to submission


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            The days of Freya, Freya, 2x whatever make for nonsensically long fights, especially when you can only use 2 skills in sylph form because of the lag.


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              I think they nerfed tok btw, we're killing before opponent can go on pet since a week or 2, because we'd need delphic to kill them.