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Angel or Knight for all character

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    Having leveled up BOTH to 53

    Click image for larger version

Name:	KnightAngel.JPG
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    i would say Knight wins

    Knight works hand down for every class.

    here are the 2 side of the coin, everyone agree that knight do more damage. period. angels heals more period.

    and supposedly angels Heals more in BG so it's worth it because you can't use pot in BG. actually that concept works but debatable.

    against lower levels noobs it's great to have angels because you are virtually full hp every fight, because even at low hp, next battle start, angel will heal you back up to full.
    on the other hand, if you are against player of your caliber or higher stats, angel don't help much because they die very fast when the aoe start raining.

    i'm not sure why but at first my reasoning was angel got higher mdef so they should last longer, turn out actually knights last longer due to the higher hp and they hit harder.

    I admit i did use angels to finish floor 100 in crypt. but now, it's just way much easier and faster to use knights to finish floor 100 daily.

    with crypt key this is what i gain daily
    Click image for larger version

Name:	cryptgain.JPG
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    i found that using angels now at higher level just make the fight last longer, using knight actually make it faster because they provide more damage for you to kill floor 100 faster.

    and of course everyone also agree on that knight do more damage at WB.

    so if you are using angels just for crypt/bg. it's really debatable if it's worth it or not.

    for me, i found them to be not as useful as i hoped to be.

    anway, ii'm finally 60 now and here are the stats for a 60 knight
    Click image for larger version

Name:	60knight.JPG
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      thanks for all the discussion now im sure i'll pick knights =)
      Character name: Silence

      Class: mage.

      Server: 490.

      Level 44.


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        its 20% chance to heal and that chance is multiplied by two so 2x 20% chances

        which is *** all lol they might not even do it

        catacombs is for knights lol whoever says angels are better is a moron because knights can hit both back and front row so therefore the early stages are sooo much quicker and the knights tanking is epic for later
        angels are no good in WB as they heal not attack
        also no good in battlegrounds as any pvper worth his wieght will wreck them so fast (i oneshot lvl 20 angels)
        i see why people say angels for knights because the heal is a full heal which would make killing a knight ***** hard work lol but then again it will be 3 against one near the end soooo i don't care
        i am lvl 40 f2p archer and i have lvl 30 knights and they are EPIC
        Baedcove Tower
        lvl 44 f2p archer


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          I say knights for all classes... a knight with knights is a real pain in the butt for my mage, even though mdef is low. the player knight swings for the fences, i just pray he hits my troops and not me :/
          Death comes when you hear the Banshee.....