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Beware Automatic Subscription Renewal

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  • Beware Automatic Subscription Renewal

    Be careful with ProficientCity/Wartune automatic subscription renewal – watch your account – they charged me for 8 subscriptions in 4 days – they refuse to recharge card back saying they can’t – lol what a bunch of bull or they don’t have the programming experience to do so – disputing or cancelling payment is automatic ban from game - they offered to replace 210 subscription days with balens but won’t give recharge rewards – just a new way to rip off the player – luckily was smart enough to use prepaid card or would have cleaned out account – be careful people they found a new way to steal.

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    This is not Proficient City, but R2games. If you are having issues with a recharge with r2games please let us know exactly what is happening so we can try to help you with it. If you need to submit a ticket to get the issue resolved we also try to help follow up with that as well in case of issues or delays.
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      I used to have auto vip taken from paypal, so in August I had stopped said it was stopped, then September it tried to take out of an account with no money so I reported it to paypal and r2games both. Money reversed back to paypal. Then 3 months later I can't recharge with cards, paypal, bank....Xsolla apparently blocked me from recharging to wartune by any means. So yeah, punish the players lol.


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        Well, technically it was this account they blocked..but still.


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          lol..still posted from wrong account even though I changed over


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            See if it still posts from Wylf2 now

            Yah..finally let me post from my main account lol

            Got word back from Xsolla...

            We have received an answer from the game support: you are not banned in the game system. Please contact the game support for additional information. Thank you!

            So no idea....guess I'll try to recharge again when I can get a game card or something.
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