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  • Guildmasters

    There has to be more than one person able to upgrade building, do the guild chamber event, etc. Guildmasters cant be on 24/7 and isnt that why asst GMs were created? To have the ability to do the things when the GM isnt around? Loosen up the strings a little.

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    I'm a guild master and i am on all day every day , If you start a guild then you have to deal with the duties daily, if your not happy with your guild master then you can always try a different guild or start your own , speak to you guild master and tell him/her your concerns maybe he/she will pull their finger out ,or even kick you out depending on their attitude towards guild members that question their management skills *** GMs have a set amount they can do and i really don't think R2Games will change that


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      life has a way of throwing a unexpected curve ball at people....

      its easy to say that the GM should be online every day but that is not always possible..... some people have lives....and some people can not live on the computer

      having trusted assistant GM can give a lil more freedom to the GM with things like the guild tree that our guild tries to run at the same time every day so the guild members know what is happening and when.....

      even something like a option for a GM to set a task to go at a set time, would be a help to a GM


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        yes it would be nice if R2 would give the ability to set tasks like the guild tree to happen at a set time and for the next planned upgrade to commence when the contribution needed is reached, i don't think they will give *** GMs anymore rights to running thing's if the GM is not online though, although it would make the job easier ...