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kitten club 500% bonus

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  • kitten club 500% bonus

    I have been doing this event for over 2 months now, and it doesn't pay you send in a screenshot and a complaint the compensate weeks later, but it seems thats all they are doing ......still not fixed and getting compensated weeks later...are they ever going to fix. I sent in another ticket 2 weeks ago and no reply......has the change of ownership deleted responsibility as well ? I mean I pay real money for cyber money who wins and who loses.........I guess I do........Come join my club, " The Suckers Club " check it out

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    the 500% you only get if you use the special stuff you have to pay balen for.
    Plus you have to have green or something toy's. .


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      YOu have to use items of a certain grade. It says so in the description...


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        Originally posted by AdaJames View Post
        YOu have to use items of a certain grade. It says so in the description...
        He used the highest quality (Orange ones). You can see it in the video, he was supposed to be getting ~36-48million from certain gold stacks, and he would either get none, or like 1/10th of what he was supposed to get.

        I'm not entirely sure how it's supposed to work, I never did the kitten club because I knew from the start it was basically a waste. So someone with more understanding of how the whole thing works might be able to come up with a plausible explanation, but it's not me.


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          You spend 5k bb or 2k balens and you supposedly get bonus gold.

          Even more with the event on. Personally, if you need gold that bad, you're doing things wrong.


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            People should really stop posting if they don't ******* read, jeez.

            @OP there sure is a problem with tickets lately, those that had item removed on treasure inventory bug had no reply since last year (26 days), keep replyin and spam forum, they might give us some attention.


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              I hardly do that, even though the pop up is annoying enough. It really blew me when I have to spend a lot of gold to get a small return and deal with this myth called luck if I wanted to get some items from it, so I stopped. And that was only a few days since it came out.
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                This is Wartune. There's a pattern.

                1) They boldly promote all the ways you can spend money in the game
                2) They never mention there are conditions for getting the results you want, so you actually only threw the money away
                3) To get desired result, throw away your money over and over until you figure out the pattern to get what you thought you were paying for the first (2nd, 3rd, etc) time.


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                  And how would u get 900mil gold for 40 bucks? then


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                    The kitten club is worth it if you're in a jam for really needing gold, but to make repeat/chronic use of it is a waste of money. You have to use the higher quality toys plus another 2000 balens or 5000 bound balens in order to receive the bonus. Now whether or not the bonus works when you meet those criteria, I do not know since I never ever use auspicious cat. Some of the whales I'm pretty sure use the feature(that is, if it works), but they have the money to throw away.