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Tickets do they exist?????????

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  • Tickets do they exist?????????

    486565, 488023, 487071, 476742 Ticket numbers that have been ignored since the transition of ownership.........well i used to be a whale no im just a tadpole as i have no more interests in playing this rip off game.......they cant even run servers........pretty soon all your windows will be smaller than the wilds, just like the farm, everything will be a blitz and Ghost Auto Mouse Pro will boom as it will run all your moves for you u can enjoy the rest of the day doing more exciting things rather than sitting in front of a monitor whining about lag , lag, lag, events that don't work;;;;;Do you really think they care??????? There the ones making the money...and you are the ones who are addicted......they sucked you in and now your the puppets and their pulling your strings.......How Many of you out there is going to pay $600 to merge your Sylphs.......some of you cant even afford V.I.P. and they won't make that event Bound know there are stupid people out there who will and the majority will overcome the minority.....

    Enjoy, I'm going back to the out doors where I can save my and live life..........................