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The higher i get in game the more i despise being an archer..

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    Originally posted by NARTH View Post
    Let put the " how much balens you spend?" a side. Archer was designed to be an offensive role with thier skills, as knight has to be the class that draw most of the attack on them as a tank in defence. Mage as usual, the super supporting character in MMORPG.
    Multiplayers role playing games is not only about how to be the best PVP players, if your mind was set that way, then your character will never go far.
    Group up with other classes's heros and gain the best out from the game, this is the spirit of MMORPG.
    The problem is in WARTUNE you got 1v1 duel that rewards according to your rank.

    We got BATTLEGROUND which is 1v1 battle with troops.

    LET ME THINK! Where do we fight group again? ah Group Arena 3v3 where you fight uber cash players and ofc Guild Battle where you fight 9v9 random party who ever comes 1st in the battle.
    Mesh With The Best, Die Like The Rest.
    Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility

    Server: S62
    Class: Archer



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      i always read people say "not fair archer they attack twice, have crit". many archer play like zombie to rise their claws for top 10.
      mage good in pvp but every mp raid mage is necessary.3 mage 1 knight or 2 mage 2 knight still can run mp with success.
      archer only depends no multi-shot but how much dmg it can do if it split.


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        if u get your skills set right not many ppl can kill an archer. i'm lvl 55 in s32 and i only spend balens on socket. in my sever i'm the top archer and in top 10 arena 60% are archers
        Archers need to have super high crit and hp. try this: at lvl 50 max arrow strike,multi shot,delph and luna

        for pvp :AS-AS-Luna-MS=dead
        for wb: just use AS,MS and delph