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Mental's Minor Ideas

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  • Mental's Minor Ideas

    Theis may or may not have already been sugested or implemented in other servers but I'm going to state them anyway.

    1. For the Farm Friends list there should be something that indicats weather or not the individual is in your guild so it is easer to tell guildis when crops are ready.

    2. When the Quarry's time out we should get like a last batch of gold sent with the message. For example if you have a lvl. 40 Quarry that times out you would get 4000 gold. lvl. 45 4500 and so on. Kind of like that last vain of gold one finds in a real life mine.

    3. It would be cool if the Arena could be made that pots and scrolls didn't work in it. This way we could truly use skills, timing and luck to truly test our strangth against one another. This would be for solo duleing only.
    :eek: GIVE ME ROSES :p