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Why is there no guild merge implemented?

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  • Why is there no guild merge implemented?

    Since r2 is all about the money n does not concern about their players, why not let cash players to able to use balens etc to merge guilds. On server 62 very soon there will be only 1 guild there and it is causing the server to die a bit faster everyday.

    Gms here promised us compensation for server down time when it was bugged for 2 days and not even a word since then. Most of the players left for server 68 and whats left are the the ones who are scurrying to join king of kings. I am pretty strong myself and refuse to join their guild since i want to actually challenge them myself.

    Let players be able to merge guilds or merge server 62 with another. For a new server its getting dead fast.

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    wait it out u cant have all the top ppl in one guild ppl get upset or some get big heads so ppl leave and go it always works it wont stay as one big guild im sure they cry at eachother in bg already ....whys u grab me!!!! ahhhhhh let me get cart!!!!!

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      whats the point of implementing that and make it cost balens to work? you can do it for free right now. only downside to right now is that leader of guild 1 have to wait 24 hours before joining guild 2, has to make an alt to kick the main, or have someone else from guild 2 who doesn't care about waiting 24 hours getting back in go to guild 2 be leader of guild 1 to kick the leader of guild 1.
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