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Feedback on "Hot" sales in the Balens Shop

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  • Feedback on "Hot" sales in the Balens Shop

    Sylph Equipment Refining Pack II (100x Equip Shards 20x Golden Holy Water)

    "Auto use" cost for Golden Holy Water = 240 (even BBs) for 20 HW
    Worth of Sylph Equip Shards = 500.000 Gold (they got no use since you get Billions of them in Game) Price in the Chest = 759 Balens

    So we pay 759 Balens for 500.000 Gold in that Chest wich makes it a 400% cost increase compared to the "auto buy" feature

    My Question: who is responsible for this? Cannot blame each and every R2 Member cause some of them are doing a good job (refering to really helpful Support guys)

    Flower Chest (Champagne Chest x1 Magic Hat Chest x1)

    as many players already mentioned - why you include these Chests straight after one of these Items "expired" (aka the exchange event for them is over) so we pay 39 Balens for a 50% chance to get our desired Item and exchange them for some goodies - we all agree that opening these boxes leads to nothing but useless items or already exchanged fashion in 99% of the time (need confirmation that mount rate is 1:10000) makes it a 100% cost increase *if* you are lucky

    Suggestion: Lower the Price of these to 19 Balens each - or include both events in the same week *or* remove these double drop chests completly

    I know there is more to come and alot of other "hot sales" wich are more of a rip off in past. Hope this is being considered and the guy(s) in charge for the prices is either being replaced or starts to play the game himself to realise what a bunch of *fluffybunny prices* he created

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    0 - 0.001% of new players would even consider buying anything from balen shop.
    The mystery shop was alrdy considered a failure of wartune update, I wonder what more the balen shop...