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Revamp on certain Events/Items/Rewards etc

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  • Revamp on certain Events/Items/Rewards etc

    VIP Weekly Gift Pack

    Replace all items with (VIP9):

    40 Beast Souls Instead of the Gold

    30 Sun Core and Blast of Sun instead of the Luck stones and Mount Whips (would be totally fine if those are getting replaced by adv sepul/Mahra on a higher ratio)

    500 Soul Seal instead of the Soul Crystal

    1000 Bound Balens instead of the VIP token - remove VIP token completly from the game (might suggest different items here)

    Tank Trails

    New Map with an actual goal other than going ham on each other (steel wars is a good start but something different than that) maybe a "capture the flag" map - so the event is more fun than the boring ham ham ham right now.

    Guild Blessing

    Remove Exp Books / Seeds / Low potions and scrolls completly and include items like Adv Mahra / Adv Sepulcrum (30 items each - unlike the 1 mahra or 1 sepul we get just now wich must be a joke...) Increase the Amount of Mount Whips to 30 as well. Instead of the Exp Books Include Lv 4 Exp Scrolls at a 1% chance.


    Remove all the Merchants completly - People already know that those are more like scams than being any useful or helpful. Popping those simply disturbs players than anything else.
    Increase the Rate of finding BB mines by 100%
    Increase the Chance of getting Offering chests by 100%
    Lower the Map size of Advance and Expert dungeons by 50% - increase Advance Map count by 10

    Amethyst Mine

    Lower the Cost on everything except the mount by 50%
    Include a "Bracket" PvP Mine wich includes your server + Servers wich are +- 2 months older/younger - include an event time for this in the Morning/Afternoon/Evening (it is closed at any other times) 100 collect = worth 400 "Elite" Amethyst - makes it a total of 1600 max per run
    Include Adv Sepul/Mahra and Merge items in the exchange and also Advanced Henna in the "Elite" Amethyst Exchange - "Elite" Amethyst can also be exchanged in the "normal" Amethyst Shop

    Henna Lab

    Increase the Production rate of Henna by:

    50% for Basic
    25% for Advanced
    0% for Expert

    Include a chance of getting a rare Henna Lab wich produces Advanced Henna - probably 20% will be fine // include a cooldown timer for your Lab slots according to the Lab you choose (1 hour for basic 5 hours for adv etc)

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    Making game better? Well...
    Wrong game, wrong devs, wrong publisher.


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      The most we could give is our feedback:

      Tank trials - might prolly just be removed and just add runestone rewards to circuit quest
      Amethyst mine - will still be great if the mount was purchasable again
      Sylph atoll - aka gold nerf on atoll, the atoll shop is boring, and the mount is also not purchasable again
      Dimensions - boring, just accumulate crystal shards for event, no better rewards...
      Guild blessing - is a joke (1 mahra/sepulcrum/mount whip/runestone), but
      still a nice source of small balen income, and the speedup is great too.

      And you're right,.. whatever happened to VIP tokens, they are not obtainable anymore as of what I've seen lately.
      Ever since the update that brought wilds shop modification, everything else in wartune becomes distasteful for the players...


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        Originally posted by Imonseph View Post
        ...Tank trials - might prolly just be removed and just add runestone rewards to circuit quest...
        rune stones from CQs? err no plz!!! i don't like tanks much but it is at least fast. but CQs? everyone hates it so much so no no plz >.<