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  • About Battleground.......

    I can't speak for all servers out there of course but, I am speaking of the one I am on the most. I play in Duskin Arena with a lvl 46 mage and there needs to be a change in Battlegrounds after the newest patch. There needs to be a level restrict like there is for lvls 30-39. In Battlegrounds there is no lvl 40+ if you are 30-39. That is good and gives the middle lvls (34-37) more of a chance. However, after level 40 there is no cap. There are tons of lvl 50+ now on the server and if you under 50 you become just a sitting duck. They just wait and wait for players they know that in the 40's. This is especially heightened now with the -50% movement speed while transporting. Yes, the basic horse gives plus 30% knocking this down to 20% but, that does no good. If they are not transporting (which 90% of them don't) they still have a 50% movement speed advantage over you. It is impossible to get away. There is no reason anymore for a level 40-49 to even bother with battlefield anymore and most of them don't. If they are there, they are usually just afk for whatever honor they can get and hurting their team. This is also heightened if a player in the 40's is active in the Guild Wars because that gives good honor each fight win or lose. So, why bother with Battlefield anymore and the pain of getting lucky if you can transport 2 or 3 times safely in a match.

    So, why not go ahead now in the next patch put a cap limit on Battlegrounds on servers with a lot of level 50's plus. It would bring back the fun of it for the level 40's and make it worth going in there for them.

    Just my opinion and feedback.
    Take care all

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    In my server, in BG there always level 47+ and few level 41 or 42. It pretty tough when I am level 45 and fight against a bunch of level 51+ all the times. I think there should be a matching room for a fairly game.
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      I agree completely with this.


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        I agree, this is same problem in (S33) Undead Pit they really need to fix the battle ground