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  • Advanced Henna Proposal

    As I have already suggested both to R2 and Proficient City, it would be a good idea to allow the henna packs (x100 and x1000) to be available on sale for bound balens in shop on permanent basis.
    Nobody profits from players inability to advanced to knighthood - players are frustrated that they have to spend thousands of dollars or wait for years, and the providers in turn lose from small and medium cashers actually making knighthood and then being tempted to invest in growing through their talents.\
    As things stand now, knighthood advancement is for you if and only if you are willing to spend around USD 3,000 on advanced henna, followed by at least USD 10,000 to develop key talents, going up to over USD 40,000 if you actually want to max everything.
    Of course, large spending is possible, but people willing to put so much on a game prefer HIGH-END games, with ultra high graphics, etc. that actually allow them to benefit from their top-notch gamer PCs. Wartune is simply not that kind of game.

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    I think they finally hit the game killer. Many people are unhappy with this latest change. The cost of continuing to play added to the constant bugs and glitches and the exorbitant amount of time required to finishes your daily tasks has finally reached its breaking point. Adding an advancement that will take most people years to accomplish (if ever) or hundreds or thousands of dollars is just game suicide. Most people will hit the wall on how far they can advance and quit. I feel like I am there myself. I haven't been able to upgrade my sylph in months because they won't run advanced mahra events. Advanced sepulcrum events are almost as elusive. I have no interest in spending the money needed to advance to knighthood. I am currently a top 10 player on my server but it gets harder and harder to remain competitive. I just can't justify spending any more money on a game that is driving the players away in droves or squeezing me for my last dollar and every minute of free time I have. I have enjoyed the people that I play this game with but as they quit for the same reasons I just mentioned then there really is no reason for me to stay. Sadly, I hear taps playing in the distance.


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      It does feel like the game is turning into a more and more desperate money grab. And it's definitely turning off players. I wouldn't be surprised if the game folds within the year, but as long as the whales want to keep competing with each other, even if there's almost no one else around, the game will keep going. I don't understand the whale mentality, but I imagine that losing the large number of weaker players who feed them (the krill, as it were), the whales will move on.

      To the original point, I don't think bbs for adv henna is a particularly great idea. If you upgrade to knighthood, you lose your existing talents and skills, and you'll need a huge amount of bbs to make even a dent in the new talent levels. If you burn all of them getting there, you won't be all that much better off than if you stayed un-knighted. Maybe even worse off to start.