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Ability to class change. One time offer per account.

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  • Ability to class change. One time offer per account.

    I wish there was such a server implemented where you could change the class of your hero only once, what ever equipment you had too would be transformed into the desired class you chose.

    Please i beg you add this for this game.

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    The problem with that is, based on the discussions in the forums, archers are awesome for damage in the World Boss fights early on and that knights and mages outshine them later on. So, everyone would choose to be an archer to take advantage of the damage output, then at the point when the other classes start to be more effective, switch.

    But, you'd also have to consider that your gems, astrals, academy upgrades, and so on, wouldn't suit the new class, so you'd have to deal with being weaker than everyone while you worked on fixing that.

    Sounds like a good idea in theory, but in practice it just wouldn't work out well.
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      MemoryLane is right. If class switch is allowed, then knights can only switch to Archers and vice versa. Otherwise, the academy upgrades (such as +patk) would be wasted if you want to switch to Mage.
      Unless, the OP is saying that a class switch + reset of everything else (troop selections and academy upgrades) is implemented.
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        Well, that is why the person stated "One time offer PER Account".
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          I do think it would be a good offer and this could be a good way to earn some money or if they feel totally generous when you say reach lvl 45-50 you can do it for free . But yea you would get back all the points u spent on academy astrals etc.

          It would be massive in implementing but im sure many would love this idea.

          Even though im a pretty beast archer atm, i despise being one, wish i could change to knight even though they takes tons of time to work on.

          As i said before it would be a one time thing only.


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            totally disagree.


            • #7
              I kind of like the idea


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                And suddenly, Archers disappear @_@
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                  I think people would still use archers still, but on my server not alot of knights anyways and the ones there are so bad.


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                    im archer.. n i want switch to knight.. nice idea.
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                      I would support this ONE time change, but I do agree it would be a massive undertaking because of the Academy,astral and weapon sets, but just like we can reset our skills for free below level 25, there are a lot of awesome ideas on this thread.
                      I know my g/f would love to change from knight to archer, when we set up her hero we really did not know what we were doing, lol, and yes I know we should have done some research on each hero type, but we didn't.
                      I know she could go to a different server and create a different hero, the problem is we belong to a really cool and active guild, and we have be on this guild for about two weeks and we enjoy all the benefits of this guild, so naturally we want to stay, that is impossible if she goes to a different server, and yes we know there are several guilds on different servers, but it is because of the kindred friendship,loyalty and dedication of not only the members of the guild but because of the guild master,she is a very cool and has a wonderful attitude. I just think if this could be implemented make it where it can only happen once.


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                        Originally posted by DeathRiver View Post
                        And suddenly, Archers disappear @_@
                        rofl ... u said it first .. i bet lots of ppl wanna have fun pvp with playing mage/knight now :P
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                          Not a good idea, as explained by MemoryLane.

                          Knights are tough class to play up to about level 50, whereas Archers are easier to play.
                          If this is implemented, players will take Archers up to 50 and switch to Knights.
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                            Is a really DUMB IDEA!!

                            Really Think a bit more!! Easy. So its better have only 1 class in this game in your mind.


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                              archers squash all knights and mages in low levels
                              its time knights and mages play with archers now so

                              BAD IDEA
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