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Suggestion: Item Lock (Eudaemon)

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  • Suggestion: Item Lock (Eudaemon)


    Since we get item lock Function and few or most of us use it, and the item lock was used for protect our items at our inventory and it's including to protect sylph also and it's very use-full

    now Since the newest patch 5.5 we got new function called "Selling Eudaemon" to let us sell unwanted Eudaemon when we wanted according to this guide:

    Originally posted by R2_Sanguine View Post
    In this version, players may sell unwanted Eudaemons as they so choose.

    Eudaemon Attribute Panel

    Feature Overview

    A [Sell] button has been added to the Eudaemon Attribute panel:
    After a Eudaemon has been successfully sold, the following items will be returned to players through in-game mail:
    • Fixed returned: Eudaemon Warpath Crystal x10.
    • Other items returned at a specific ratio (80% of the training items used): Blood of Zeus, White Iron, Blue Crystaloids, Green Flame, Blue Flame, Active/ Passive/General Eudaemon Skill Scrolls, Eudaemon Warpath Crystals, Eudaemon RES Reduction Essences and Eudaemon Resistance Essences.

    Returned items will be sent to players through in-game mail.
    Mail Title: Sold Eudaemon
    so I'd like to Suggest to Add Item lock for Euaedmon , to protect Euaemon from selling Euaedmon by wrong or when the account is open by someone else beside owner like pilot or someone hacked account, i know that R2Games Accounts hard to hacked but adding item lock for Euaedmon is for making sure that all things is ok to the account owner, i hopefully to consider my Suggestion , Thank You
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    Definitely in support of this for those who are "careless" (either on their own or by allowing others). Not that I would need such since I do know which ones to sell and which ones to keep, but could be helpful for the others out there.
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      This is actually a very good suggestion, and I hope that they give it some consideration because it would indeed help people protect valuable and highly worked on and prized eudaemon. To be honest it was never something I had considered myself until it was brought up here but now that I see it I am in full agreement and hope that in the future we will see this feature.

      Thanks for the suggestion and please keep them coming!
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        I don't sell them at all. I keep them for the levelling events.

        That said, the MAIN reason for a lock on them is when someone hacks into your account, they can't wipe out 2/3 of your BR by deleting all your kids, not to mention the diamonds and equipment on the kids.

        I hope R2 ensures that locking a kid means that NOTHING can be removed from them (adding is OK) until the password is typed in. They did NOT do that with sylphs. Sure, you can't get rid of the sylphs themselves, but all your div souls and equipment on the sylphs? Say goodbye to them if some loser gets hold of your account. Typical R2 (lack of) attention to detail.