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Attacking tower in guild battle

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  • Attacking tower in guild battle

    Just an idea but could we possibly get a boost when we attack their enemy tower in guild battles for some incentive for members. it 3 shots everyone atm sometimes 4 shots. Its a lot of wasted gold from hp potions and troops needlessly. its even worse when the opposing team doesnt show up and we have to wait 30-40 mins just to win. Perhaps adapt a system similar to world boss except make rewards honor and insignias? or maybe make it like like battlegrounds where it doesnt want your troops or hp potions. Just a thought?

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    +1....the 40 minutes just standing around is pretty bad. Make it so the score accelerates if the other team isnt scoring at all or doesnt even have anyone in the battle.


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      +1, wat im doing in the meantime while fighting the enemy tower, is keep my troop count really low, like in the 100-200 area. There going to die in one hit anyway, and there atk is affected by weather or not u have 100 troops equipped or 1000 troops equipped