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How is it possible?

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  • How is it possible?

    How is it possible to get a boost of 230k BR 1 Minute after login?
    Click image for larger version

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    It appears that the system while you're offline isn't taking into account a lot of your stats, seeing as you can see the stat changes between the 2 pictures. The BR issue has been reported. We are awaiting further news on it.

    Originally posted by inco5602 View Post
    How is it possible to get a boost of 230k BR 1 Minute after login?
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      This is not my char.
      And everything is without a change.
      Gems are the same, Sylph and Eudemon also.

      This char comes online and get this boost.
      I think this looks like a .....

      I can show u also some other chars wit the same mystic boost after login


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        It is not a boost after login. It is a penalty on refresh. The game basically doesn't add something to your stats that you SHOULD HAVE until you log in.

        I am not even sure if it is a bug. There was a bug previously when your stats at logout remains until you log back in. So quaff a few pots and log out. Your BR is higher than it should be and when the game does all the calculations during refresh, it is done at your artificially inflated BR. Suddenly, you are a few ranks higher than you should be in the ranking stakes, maybe even netting you the Top 10 title.

        It seems that R2 might be trying to get rid of that and frakked up. As usual. Wild cappuchians are more competent at language, computer coding, framing specifications and translation than R2 staff, as we all well know.


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          Originally posted by AdaJames View Post
          The game basically doesn't add something to your stats that you SHOULD HAVE until you log in.
          Base stats are the same, so it has to be gear/gems, right? This would make sense in my book, considering the Intensity/Tenacity go to 0.
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            i have same with a few guildies they are 4-5 million br but sometimes when they log out they have less tham 16k attack and zero influence even though their fate wheel for that is level 20 other stats are similar.

            soon as they log in again stats turn back to normal.

            think most of ius have basically given up with getting anything decent from this game in any form. as time goes on more things are nefred, balan barriers set for most people to catch up put in place. (i.e. fused sylphs knighhood etc).


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              It's the removal of fates because now intensity and tenacity count for br and so does res.
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                The left pic shows some glitched stats that make no sense for the attributes above, plus the medallion & gear boosts are all gone while offline. Everyone got this left picture for going offline. That was how the top player got bumped out of the last Chaos War for staying offline overnight. The right picture is the actual stats you should see.


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                  They probably had their Eudomon resting while offline


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                    Originally posted by fubitz View Post
                    They probably had their Eudomon resting while offline
                    Do you even read what other people said above?

                    And no, you are wrong.


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                      Seems like they are not in a hurry to fix this bug either. Doesn't seem like everyone is being affected by this bug and that may make it hard to figure out the problem. But turn the tables around, some gain lots of stats and BR when online and they will fix it in a heartbeat. They just don't care anymore as long as they keep getting money.


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                        Considering the rather disparaging way the CEO of R2 spoke about the 100k whales in the now infamous video, that has always been the case. It is just now that the players are waking up to it, which, ironically, proves his point.


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                          Seems pretty stupid to ignore something that hurts your best customers. But R2 has consistently shown poor business acumen in this game, so hardly that surprising.


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                            To put it honestly, I would not be spending 100k on just a game. I would be buying a Corvette or Alfa Romero and have money left over for a night out every night.
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