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Suggestion for Mentor improvements

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  • Suggestion for Mentor improvements

    I'd like to improve how we see our Mentors. So many people flaming the mentor on my server today, its depressing. So what I'd like to give them is like a game master from another game.
    1. They will have a BR and full sets of all stuff.
    2. They can change from whatever gear they want, clothes etc. Full red sets and all enchants forges etc. However their player will not show as a top BR to hinder the messed up tok(really more HP and many can't pass that), they won't be able to assist in game play except tips as usual. The option on cloth would allow them to show off in the city the new clothes, mounts, etc. Maybe even add a hide option like the other game had where some game masters would hide in stuff then talk to us. That was fun watching them take over an NPC and make them say something different.
    3. For those flaming them, give them a screenshot button and a mute option. Mute lasts 1 hour to start and gets worse on recurrences.

    My aim is to make Mentors more fun than a low level that hides in their city. This stuff would let them have a lil fun with the game regardless if they play another server. I wanna see a new kind of fun where Mentors can cut loose and even have some authority over our server bullies(Yes I call some players bullies cuz your **** don't stink).

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    While it would be nice to have a battle rating and clothing and equipment and all that.. and it would make us incredibly stylish *twirls in cute outfit* the fact is we are there to work and aid the players as best we can, not be fashionistas *waves bye bye to cute outfit sniff sniff* it would also be a true task to code it as such that if such was done we wouldn't shop up off setting things as well. I like the ideas you are offering, but giving people anything like level, clothing, battle rating, while indeed exciting it would be something that could be so easily abused that it would create more problems then help in the long run is my fear.

    We as mentors, though, do try to help as much as we can with tips, advice, reminders and such and as always I do hope that the mentor team continues to at least in some small way, be a help to you and everyone else. We are not always the most loved of people, but we do try.
    Always.. Always.. Always be yourself.. unless you can be BATMENTOR! Then always be BATMENTOR muahahahahahahah! (PS: BATMENTOR has Batcupcakes, Batcookies, and Batcake. PS: they just gave me a BatPizza Oven *WOOHOO!*) Bugs can be reported here. Please Read the new format. Check out the Support Page.


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      the main problem on mentors (sorry, nothin personal) is that they can't usually help on anything. mainly as they are not given the info to help us. Sayin ticket it, go see the forums for info is nonsense as we all know neither aint helping. If some info is found in forums. it is posted by other players...

      Now if mentor were given some info to actually help us players. or a straight line to gm's who WOULD pop onto the server a mentor reports a probem of sorts...well that might work. but as it is now. Sorry to say, but only thing you guys are good for is cannon fodder for r2 to use on us players.
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        Originally posted by Gimmikc View Post
        gm's who WOULD pop onto the server a mentor reports a probem of sorts
        never needed a mentor for that - in winterfrost legacy gms been alive...ya really...seen them on server quite some time - sending in a ticket and minutes later i got pmed back in game by the head gm (or however you wanna call it) asking me for the problem and worked together on how to solve it - i mean thats how a game should work right? idk why it doesn work for wartune - its like 2 different worlds but still the same publisher? sadly the game dies tho cause nobody is interested in new r2 games lately - hopefully we get the winterfrost gms for wartune


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          I'd still want this cuz it can be coded and made so that it works. The game I used to play years ago was FlyFF or Fly For Fun. Those GMs really had fun with the players and it was no secret GM no one knew. Hell they even set up server events of their own and gave away stuff. Imagine how much fun players could have playing hide n seek if you was rewarding them say advance mahra and sepuls. Many would play. That's using the above suggestions I gave and then reappearing somewhere after you post the horn in chat. Thought I'd post an upside to having such Mentors or GMs actually getting into this game and playing some. Lets not be just a Q&A person who has to talk to a GM on special cases. Get into the game and have some fun and reverse the negative players attitudes.


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            You are talking as if this is the old MUD days, when the Immortals (the equivalent of the admins and mods) can run events and stuff. Those days are gone. MUDs are run by volunteers and free for all. Your dedication is what makes your toon. There is no money involved.

            That is why everyone has fun and why things like bullying and stuff kept to a minimum (at least in well runned MUDs). People are there to have fun, and the top guys worked for their toons and therefore know what it is like to be abused. Hackers are terminated with extreme prejudice for the same reasons.

            Most importantly, they have logs for EVERYTHING and can easily rollback toons if an accidental nuking or whatever other reasons happen.

            NONE of these apply to R2. R2 is here to make money. It is here to bleed you of your cash. Every dirty trick in the book is employed, even the glaringly obvious one of inserting trolls to start arms races. There is a guy who runs around the servers called ronin who has at least 3-6 toons PER SERVER CLUSTER and his sole mission is to create as much strife and wars as he can. He is famous for it. He starts a war and everyone starts spending to win and bang! R2 makes money. Luckily for my server cluster, we know the guy and we know his toons and as a result, he tried that ****, he got kicked out of his guild so fast that he logged off for weeks so that his last toon cannot be kicked (the leader of the guild was waiting for him to get online so that he can be told in excruciating detail why he was kicked).

            I pity the Mentors myself, don't get me wrong. They are frequently thrown under a bus by R2 staff, who tell them to do something but then refuse to honour the instructions. I charcoaled a R2 elf for that (related to the ancient beast shards). However, I don't think that muting or special powers is the key. It is better for server inhabitants to tell the offender to shut the hell up, and kick him from whichever guild he is in if he continues to be an ***. Of course, this relies on the fact that the guild he is in are not full of ********, something that I know from experience is not likely due to the fact that ******** like to congregate together into a critical mass of stinking toxic cesspool of oxygen thievery.

            But we can try.


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              Any Mentor that I have encountered on the servers I have been on are very helpful to us. Any questions I have had are answered, if the answer is not known the Mentor has found out and gotten back with me. Some people do act badly towards them at times and it is uncalled for. Mentors are a valuable part of this game and these forums. I rely on them many times for info I need for the game even though I am a vet player since the beginning. New changes have new questions from time to time. Thanks to all Mentors for your great help and info you give to me and others.