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fashion shards is worth dying for (in battleground) :D

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  • fashion shards is worth dying for (in battleground) :D

    battle ground is always empty now. no one can blame anyone about that, every one is scared of those monsters in BG. and carting for a mere level 2 gems and couples of insignia is not worth dying for in BG :P give us something like fashion shards to cart for would be awesome. i wouldnt mind getting killed 30x for that fashion shards.

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    You're in the wrong place if you're looking for shards. I could AFK up to 20 (pass 19) and save my boxes for the month to get them that way (30 x 19 = 570 boxes). And yes, it's empty no thanks to allowing "Farmville" onto a game in the form of high BR players going after the weaker players (why they didn't have their own grounds is way beyond me); so weaker players left the scene, and stronger players don't want to "lose" as they worry for titles more than growing a pair and fighting someone their own league.
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