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Victory or Failure decided by time in Class Wars

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    Originally posted by Xharry005x View Post
    what r2 must do is take away the damage heals time out rule and add this

    only an example:

    win gives 300 points

    loss gives 100 points

    Time out (DRAW) 150 points then ppl wont moan then as both gets 150 points and then it be fair on both sides
    And what you do on final? Give half point? C'mon be serious.

    @op It's total damage dealt, some damage doesn't count but it's up to you figure out which one doesn't.


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      It clearly says in the "rules" "those who dealt highest damage win after a timer win - if both dealt the same damage the one with higher br wins the match" - so obviously setting up an euda if you know youll face timer wins isn always a good option - also killing the euda of the enemy before you actually delphic is a bad option as well - try to get his hp low and delphic all for maximum outcome - gives you an edge for the max dmg dealt - otherwise if your opponent is stronger than you you kinda get the advantage that his troops really do stay alive....if yours die early its even a huge disadvantage for the stronger guy if he cannot finish your main char off and you aoe aoe aoe aoe for the score


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        Guys i need help. Can anybody explain me, how could i lost in this fight at Class Wars?

        Click image for larger version

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        ty in advance!

        Before u start changing events and ask for more money, first fix tonnes of bugs!


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          IN RESUME GUYS:

          You think the Class Wars is about killing the enemy but you are all WRONG!!!!!

          If you doubt you can kill opponent in the time they give for battles (not difficult taking into account all the high res,huge amount of cures and all things that reduce damage nowadays)

          WHY?¿?¿ Absurd as it is and this game is becoming, some useless guy unable to kill even your eudaemon will keep making damage to 4 targets meanwjile you only damage 1, so when time comes he has more total damage than you and he WINS...........
          TAKE THAT THERE!!!!

          As my husband said after reading all your posts (I'm cacuga too, thanks a lot for all your answers)
          "Mages don't hesitate!!!!!!!!!", Next time they use chaos on you in CW send the enemy a couple blessed lights, just to make sure you don't kill him by mistake and lose
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            Also don't bother posting picture, they tell us nothing. Video or nothing


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              Originally posted by R223945378 View Post
              I would love to know how this is decided as well. 6 of 7 losses in the finals were determined this way.
              An experienced player told me he lost a few ties at timeout because of a lower BR. In the old days, if both survive & both do about the same damage, the player with a lower BR is declared the winner. He said nowadays the same situation would give the win to the player with a higher BR.

              I would not know it well enough since this is like the first or second time for this to happen on me. If I had known this change in advance, I would not have lowered my BR for CW, & would have used higher dimensions than basic. It still won't qualify me for the final round, but a few more crystals for a higher wager is still desirable.


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                Originally posted by R2128661220 View Post
                ...It clearly says in the "rules" "those who dealt highest damage win after a timer win - if both dealt the same damage the one with higher br wins the match"...
                I thought defeating the opponent before timer ends also counts as a win. But like someone already pointed out above, timer cutoff might be earlier, so the damage rule & the BR rule might kick in earlier than the end. I did not check the timer while in-battle, but I waited for another 11 seconds for the next battle after I exited that questionable battle, so it was definitely not animation lag like someone had hypothesized.

                I still don't think someone who could not hit me above 140k at +100% timer would have done more damage than my 110-600k per hit on him and his eudy & sylph troops (and my sylphs were down very early). But his BR was probably much higher than mine, since his Oracle's sunto was over 100k per tick while mine was only 58k per tick. Just the HP difference was enough to set his BR way above mine. Not to mention, my every hit was -43% while his every hit was only -34%, he clearly had much stronger RES than I did. But BR from HP/sylphs/eudies/dimensions are not as effective as base stats. Having a higher number than me doesn't guarantee he could beat me. That was actually one of the two best battles for the last CW. Sadly the outcome didn't seem to make sense.