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Hey all, a little new here. How often are Event Lists wrong?

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  • Hey all, a little new here. How often are Event Lists wrong?

    I'm playing on server 177 off of KABAM I believe. I saw that new server event list, and it was correct all the way up until today at week 4. The mahra event ended, and was looking forward to the Sepulchrum enchant event, but instead the equipment enchant showed up which was supposed to come after. Do they just get mixed up sometimes or?

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    Uh oh, new player. Here's a quick list of things to know ...

    1) Get used to developer mistakes, as well as things done quite deliberately that are worse than the mistakes.

    2) Wartune is a laggy, but Kabam servers have notably worse lag than others. If you do not have strong ties to others on the server (something more substantial than "I regularly run with xxxxx," or "I want revenge on xxxxx"), go to a not-Kabam server.

    3) Do not spend money. Instead, observe how others spend money. Before long, you will realize the game is actually a microcosm of how we all are getting screwed in real life.

    Enjoy the game

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