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Are the monster cash spenders actually in game gm's/ assistants?

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  • Are the monster cash spenders actually in game gm's/ assistants?

    We all know that there are rich people in this world but i am seeing a trend in every new server there is at least one guy is which maybe unkillable on every old>new server that i play on. This game even though interesting i think only a real sick person would spend the type of money in which they do.

    Every new server which is opened there is at least 1 guy with 20k+br over the rest.

    I kinda find it weird though that this happens alot and if this is some strategy used to lure people into buying balens its kinda just a cheap trick.

    I still refuse to people normal thinking people would spend those sums of money on a game like this.

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    Why would GMs spend so much time in their own game and making their character so OP that it doesn't allow other players to play normally? I think this is just a really random thing o.o
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      @thread maybe true maybe not just my opinion


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        Nah. While there are GMs who do play the game, they aren't allowed to use a GM account to give themselves things (meaning they don't get any advantages and if they want balens they do have to purchase them on their own). GM accounts are highly monitored, so there is no potential for abuse.

        Most of the GMs will stick to a test server, where their characters can be manipulated at will depending on what the event calls for, for the purpose of testing an event or game function.

        It's not a ploy to get people to spend cash on the game. There are people who spend quite a bit of cash on the games they play. Talk to some of them, get to know them, and they may tell you why they choose to spend a bit. I've found the most common reasons are that if they weren't spending it on a game they'd be out spending it at a bar, and another being they are retired or well off and have nothing better to spend their money on. It doesn't make them "sick", it really is their choice on what they choose to spend their own money on.
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          Yea, sick word is to much and very hurtful.

          People spend millions on drugs, substance that even might kill them, but hey they still do it.
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            What's wrong with spending money on things you like? I wouldn't spend too much on a game, but I will throw $5000 in for a good meal.
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              are you flaming..


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                Originally posted by DeathRiver View Post
                What's wrong with spending money on things you like? I wouldn't spend too much on a game, but I will throw $5000 in for a good meal.
                i will buy sport car instead


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                  Originally posted by Yukkitamain View Post
                  i will buy sport car instead
                  There is one at my house so... yeah.
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                    nope, at S40 the monster casher is my friend, and far far away from GM, we're indonesian btw