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Soul Engraving II Events for 23rd Feb 2016

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  • Soul Engraving II Events for 23rd Feb 2016

    Okay so I see in events page that Soul Engraving II is not included in todays list of events, why is this?

    We have Soul Engraving I, Engulf Soul Seal I and Engulf Soul Seal II.

    Soul Engraving II would have been the use up to 10k Soul Crystals per day - and I for one saved my Soul Crystals for this.

    At reset this event was there, got up today and now it isn't and its not on the list for todays events....

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    the soul crystal event disappeared

    I wonder why the 10k soul crystal event was removed , so do not know if it was removed from my server , just I know that he stay open a few hours before disappearing


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      Same here i used 10k soul crystal in my friend toon in the morning and get reward but in my toon it just disappear when i done it in 13:01 server time


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        Click image for larger version

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        where is Soul Engraving 2 gone

        R2 Tell we that soul engraving II was a limited time 4 hrs offer or give we compensation


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          on my server also disappeared the soul crystal event , causing me to lose the reward because had already spent the 10k crystal soul .I a response from ADM


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            on my server also disappeared the soul crystal event , causing me to lose the reward because had already spent the 10k crystal soul .I a response from ADM


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              Whats going on, SE event part II was there last night after reset, and today it disappeared. Are you R2 ppl gonna get it back or not ??


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                our server 2


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                  So I took a lengthy break from game, came back 5 weeks ago.

                  All I have seen since coming back is more and more bugs, scams and less and less in the way of customer service or a company I want to put time into.
                  The above event has no bearing on people at the top, but a massive bearing on the people rebuilding or starting on a new server - there was zero reason to remove it, especially after you already activated it over 8 hours earlier for Oceanic Servers.

                  Perception is you care not 1 jot for your customers, so should we continue to play your games?
                  Speaking from a personal viewpoint I cannot support this company, certainly not financially and currently I think my time would be better served elsewhere.


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                    Soul Engraving II

                    There was a Soul Engraving II event up at the reset earlier today. Several players from multiple servers saw it, and those that were online during the reset claimed rewards from it. However, the event suddenly disappeared about an hour later. There are some players that used thousands of crystals and did not get their rewards from it. Multiple players have opened a support ticket, only to be told each time that the event never existed. I'm bringing this to your attention in the hope that R2 will compensate these players with the rings, soul crystals, and gold they should have received. I'm also posting it as a warning for those of you that claim event rewards within the first hour after reset; especially cash events. If they can do this for a soul crystal event and deny it, how do you think customer service will respond if you waste $500 and this happens to you?


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                      I also spent thousands of crystals and could not claim rewards. Other people on my server claimed rewards from that event. It disappeared an hour after the reset. There is a screen shot of the event on Multiple players there also claim they spent crystals and the event disappeared before they could claim rewards. I opened a ticket and sent multiple messages back and forth; telling them what happened, what I saw, what other players saw, and providing the link where the screen shot was, but every time I was told that event never existed. Multiple other players also opened tickets, insisted the event was there, and was told by R2 customer service that the event never existed. This is why I don't cash anymore. I once lost rewards for cashing $20, and I'm too concerned it could happen with larger amounts.


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                        Did anyone take a screen shot before it disappeared?


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                          Yup how to alienate and close a game - tell your players they are telling lies:

                          R2 Jabo replied:
                          Dear Player,
                          Thank you for reaching us. We are very sorry about this matter but our higher department says that there was really no soul engraving II event on this day there was no post on the forum that there was a soul engraving II event.. You can see it in your self if you will go on this link,!-(Daily-Update)&p=1502044&viewfull=1#post1502044 Thank you
                          -The R2Games Team


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                              So they're just going to ignore this one? Do the developers not read these forums? Can't they tell that players not only know the event was up, but actually claimed rewards from it? And they're still going to just call us all liars and no apologies?