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  • Thread Removed

    Could a forum mod pls explain why this thread was removed from the forum?

    I thought we lived in a world where free speach was allowed. But obviously when someone is using their right of free speach and someone else doesn't like what is being said, then they remove what is being said. Even if what was being said was the truth.

    The truth hurts does it?

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    They're obviously feeling embarrassed by their own complete incompetence, and want to hide any evidence of it. Can't hurt my opinion of them at this point, though, I already have zero respect for R2.


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      Yeah you could be right MrFancyPants.

      I am probably asking too much, requesting an explanation for why the thread was removed too.
      Or the forum mod who removed it doesn't have the B**LS to explain their actions.
      Last edited by R217157631; 02-24-2016, 10:56 AM.


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        I suggest you read your PMs, R217157631.
        "The trolls of the Ramtops call her Aaoograha hoa ("She Who Must Be Avoided")
        and the dwarf name for her, K'ez'rek d'b'duz, translates to "Go Around the Other Side of the Mountain."

        On holiday. Please refer any issues to