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Advance Mahra Event

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  • Advance Mahra Event

    Hi all…Since I've gotten my Arise I have been Enchanting (during the Events) but I've been reluctant to use the Adv. Mahra I've saved because the
    Advanced Mahra Events often say that Balens are required to get the event rewards….(I am a NON-Casher).

    Have i misunderstood the instructions or am i correct to not use my Adv. Mahra until I see the appropriate event?
    (please note I have not seen an appropriate event but i'm wondering if its something like how Will crystal synthesis also yields rewards from
    Resistance crystal events- something i didn't realize till months later).

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    I don't think I've ever seen an advanced mahra event that wasn't a balen event. Use of advanced mahra during the regular mahra event counts towards the event but you will be getting regular mahra back instead of advanced.