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astrals and br

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  • astrals and br

    how much br can red astrals lvl 10 give us , or how can we calculate it ...
    i don't do astrals cuz it is tired but i was wondering why ppl do it and i heard that lvl 10 red astrals can hardly give you 10k br , is that right ?
    am i hurting my accont if not doing them ? ..

    greeting ,,,,
    they came they were there they didn't hesitat ))

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    The red astrals are really not that important. Maybe for the stats it's not so easy to get anywhere else, like penetration, crit, block. The orange astrals are the critical ones, like goddess blessing and determination/EWD. Those are multipliers, so no matter what your stats it's a major boost. They don't add to BR, but they're way more important than any stat-based astral.

    A level 10 red gives a baseline 2880 BR, and that's it. You get a bit more from passive skill bonuses for the right stats, and you can get a few % extra from the astral slot, but the actual BR is almost trivial.


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      As Fancy said, just make sure to get your orange % to max. After that focus on leveling up the slots they are in.

      Been playing a while and still at lv 9 on most of my res astrals(and that with having vip for over 1 year)